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Hey, I'm Rosie!

Your calligraphy biz bestie

If you’re feeling frustrated with how slow your business is growing and hopeless about making a full time income with calligraphy, you are not alone. I’ve been there…

I started my calligraphy business in 2017 after pharmacy school and tried it all: cake toppers, hair bows, banners, signage, weddings, stationary, greeting cards, font making, digital designs, and so much more. After many business mistakes and confusion about my branding and niche, I found true joy and happiness in calligraphy engraving in 2020 (3 long years later). Then I shifted my business to focus only on luxury clients, and I’ve had the honor of working for dream brands like Dior, Ferrari, Fendi, Victoria’s Secret, and NBC! 

As a calligraphy business coach, my goal is to help you avoid the same mistakes that I made, so that you can create a profitable calligraphy business from the start and share your passions…

And design the life you desire.