On-Site Calligraphy & Engraving

Rosie Chhun of Wander Crafter, is a Los Angeles based calligrapher and engraver specializing in hand lettering, bottle painting, and floral engraving for on-site calligraphy and brand activations. Travel can also be arranged!  

Rosie is available to help you create a unique and memorable brand activation concept for luxury boutiques, product launches, corporate and influencer events while serving your company’s core values and marketing goals. Upon hire, she can create samples to ensure that the designs match the aesthetics of your brand or event using different inks, paints and mediums. 

Engraving Brand Activations

Upgrade your services to custom hand engraving. Glass, stone, Hydroflasks, and selected metals can be etched on-site with an elegant and quiet micro-drill. Without large and obtrusive machinery, Rosie can custom engrave detailed calligraphy messages and floral illustrations on the spot in your store or event space! And optionally, engraved messages can be filled in black, silver or gold finishes.

On-Site Live Calligraphy

Bring your event to life and create a customized experience with personalized lettering and bottle painting! Working closely with Public Relations agencies, we can dream up unique brand activations to give each guest a one of a kind and unique experience at your event by personalizing a keepsake to take home, making a lasting impression that will continue long after your event is over.

Custom Calligraphy Gifts

Custom calligraphy invitations, place cards, gift packages and personalized items can be ordered in advance to set the tone for your event. I am happy to dream up new concepts and am experienced with what is feasible in a fast-paced event. Let’s chat about your event flow and material options to make sure your guests can’t stop talking (and posting on social media) about their experience. 

On-Site Engraving & Calligraphy Samples

Past Collaborators & Clients

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