How Engraving Works

Glass Engraving & Etching

Sometimes, paints just are not enough for your customization, and that is where engraving comes in! Create a more luxurious and permanent keepsake with glass engraving and etching, making your event memorable for years to come. 

Upgrade your services to custom hand engraving. Glass, stone, and metals can be etched by hand on-site with a small and elegant micro-drill. We can engrave monograms, names, or messages on the spot in your store or event space! We can also fill in these messages with silver or gold finishes to make it stand out even more!

Step 1: Freehand Engrave

The surface will be freehand engraved with a monogram, name, or message with a quiet and portable drill at the brand activation event.

Step 2: Dust Glass

A very fine glass dust is produced during the etching process and is dusted off gently. 

Step 3: Fill with Gold or Silver

The engraved message can be filled with gold or silver to make it stand out even more. Note: textured surfaces or glass can not be filled. Please contact Rosie to clarify. 

Step 4: Admire!

The surface is permanently etched with the message, creating a class and lasting keepsake. Enjoy your beautiful hand engraved item! 

On-Site Engraving & Calligraphy Samples

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