How to Engrave Florals & Calligraphy

How to Engrave Florals & Calligraphy

Rosie Chhun is a fast skilled calligrapher and engraving artist based in Los Angeles, CA. She is sure to entertain your guests, no matter what the on-site event. Rosie got started with calligraphy during grad school and since then, she has entertained thousands of people at corporate events, luxury brands, product launches, weddings, and influencer events.

Adding calligraphy to any perfume or liquor bottle creates an heirloom that can last for generations, and adding a little extra touch of florals will take it to the next level.

In this video, we are learning how to add dimension to your engraved perfume bottles by layering florals and modern calligraphy! This is my favorite way to uplevel your fragrances and has become my claim to fame and most requested tutorial.

Please note: This is a simple introduction to how to LAYER your designs to create dimension. Detailed floral series is coming soon! Make sure to subscribe on YouTube so you don’t miss out!

First you’ll want to get your supplies up and running. Today i’m using my Mystisa 2 microdrill engraver, 2 sizes of burs, I’m using the 1.5 and 2.5mm burs, white stabilo all pencil, makeup brush, washi tape, q-tip, cotton pad or microfiber cloth, and rub n buff. You can use any color, but today, I’m using gold to match the bottle. Be sure to check out my supplies video in order to make sure youre ready for all the engraving jobs coming your way!

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The first thing you want to do is cover the Chanel label with washi tape in order to protect it from getting damaged during the engraving process. The last hting you want to do is to scratch it with your engraver or get rub n buff all over it! you’ll want to make sure it is not tacky at all so that you don’t rip the label at the end of the process. You can put it onto your skin before applying it to the product to remove some of the stickiness. 

Using the mystisa 2 engraver with the 2.5mm bur to engrave the first pass. Don’t worry about making it super perfect since you’ll have a chance to fix it during the second pass. This Chanel Noir bottle is softer than the clear glass ones, so you don’t have to put that much pressure on it to engrave. Once you find the optimal pressure, keep this pressure even throughout all the letters. Remember to take your time and don’t rush your engraving. Going too fast will cause uneven lines as the glass chips. Feel free to rotate the bottle so that you have a place to rest your pinky. Once you’re done with the first pass, smply change your bur to the 1.5mm and start adding faux calligraphy. Be sure to check out my beginner engraving tutorial to learn how to engrave calligraphy for more details!

Brush off your glass dust. Use a q-tip with a tiny amount of gold Rub n buff, and apply it to the engraved portions. the oil will stick onto any rough sections and make it stand out against the black background. Use a cotton pad to rub the excess away. Remember to work quickly, as rub n buff dries very fast!

Next, you’ll want to sketch your flowers and start planning on where the flowers will overlap behind the letters. this will add dimension to the engraving and really make the bottle beautiful! In this video, I’m using simple, modern floral drawings in order to give the calligraphy that special pop! Since this is a quick tutorial on how to create a two toned engraving, I won’t get into details on how to engrave flowers, that will be in a future video! I have been asked if I have any resources on how to sketch and engrave flowers, and that is certainly something that I would LOVE to do in the future for you! I would love to know – what is your favorite flower? Drop your answer in the comments and I’ll be sure to teach you how to engrave that flower and give you a shoutout! 

When you’re all done with the engravings, simply dust off the glass and admire your beautiful creations!!

I hope you enjoyed the two toned engraving on the Coco chanel noir bottle. this is truly one of my favorite bottles to engrave and is one of my signature pieces. If you try this out, please tag me on Instagram @wandercrafter so that I can see your beautiful creations!

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