On-Site Los Angeles Calligrapher and engraver, Jo Malone at Neiman Marcus

Request a Custom Perfume Engraving

Whether you are here because you watched my most recent (viral) TikTok video, or you have been wanting an engraved perfume bottle or liquor bottle, THANK YOU SO MUCH for visiting my webpage and choosing me to create a special memory for you!

I believe that every event is worth commemorating, and my goal as a calligraphy engraver is help you capture those memories into a single spray. This scent and bottle will continue to bring back joyful memories for many years, even decades, after the perfect evening is over, and that my dear, is the smell of love!

So how does it work? Here’s how you can place your order:

  • Step 1) Pick the desired perfume and engraving. Try choosing a bottle with enough space to engrave. Examples of engravings can be found below.
  • Step 2) Fill out this form to tell Rosie about your desired perfume gift!
  • Step 3) If selected, Rosie will send you an invoice that includes the engraving service and shipping!
  • Step 4) Upon payment, Rosie will engrave and wrap your happy mail directly to the address you provide!

Please note: The invoice does NOT include the price of the perfume bottle. This must be provided separately.

Below are some examples that I can engrave for you! I am also happy to assist you in the design process, simply include that detail when you fill out your form!

  • Calligraphy (TikTok video): My unique calligraphy style has been perfected over many years (I started learning in 2013!), and includes a modern calligraphy style with elegant flourishes.
Luxury Los Angeles Calligrapher and engraver, Jo Malone at Neiman Marcus
  • Dates: Your wedding or birth date is an unforgettable experience!
Tiffany & Co Engraved Perfume Bottles for bridesmaids
  • Florals: I love engraving modern detailed florals, it is actually my claim to fame!
  • Illustrations: I can engrave most illustrations with a reference photo! Think Eiffel Tower, Naruto, or even scissors!

So, how much does it cost on top of the perfume?

My rate for hand engraving starts at $50 per bottle, and increases with complexity of the design, with a minimum of $100 per order. Standard shipping is included in this fee!

  • Engraved Jo Malone and Tiffany & Co perfume bottle was $50
  • One engraved CB2 champagne glass was $70 (Those engraved poppy flowers really makes the lettering stand out though, doesn’t it?!)
  • Engraved Chanel Chance perfume with “Linda” (TikTok) was $50

I hope that helps you decide on the process! If you have any other questions that was not answered on this blog, please feel free to enter it into the request form or email Rosie at hello@wandercrafter.com!

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