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The Craft Academy accepts members through application to ensure that the time we spend together is valuable! Please select a time below and answer the questions thoughtfully.

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Orange County CA luxury calligrapher and engraver

Meet Rosie

I struggled for years to build a thriving calligraphy business, here’s why:

I spent TWO years making what I thought everyone else wanted, and not focusing on what I truly loved. Cake toppers, banners, signs, bows and paint kits – You name it, I made it. 

I launched before it was ready and I ditched it before it gained any traction. Why? Because I didn’t have a strong understanding on HOW to run a business or launch. I was afraid of committing to one thing, perfecting every little detail, changing my offerings because I saw someone else’s success… the list goes on.

I found every reason in the book to delay, procrastinate, and doubt myself. But when I finally committed to engraving (my one true specialty), a whole new world of opportunities opened up for me.

I want to help you do the same with your calligraphy business so you can create a life you truly desire. Book a call with me, I’d love to chat about your goals!

Meet Kelly!

The artist and hands behind Jupiter Stone Creative and alumni of The Craft Academy! 

Joining TCA was one of the best decisions I have made! When I decided I wanted take my business to the next level, I quickly found that I was spinning my wheels, not sure how to advance, and overall feeling lots of imposter syndrome and uncertainty.

 When I spoke with Rosie about TCA, I was unsure about how much I wanted to invest in my business, so I held off. That was my BIGGEST regret! I ended up joining the program soon after and only wished I had sooner. 

Through the program, I’ve learned the ins and outs of growing a business: getting guidance on finding my niche, pricing properly, working with clients, writing contracts, and even using social media as a growth tool. 

While the content itself has been so valuable, the ongoing mentorship from Rosie and the constant support from the rest of the students has been just as valuable to me. I even booked 3 engraving events with Cartier, and couldn’t have done it without Rosie’s support! I can’t recommend Rosie and The Craft Academy enough.

Let’s chat to see if The Craft Academy is a great fit for you!

Denver luxury calligrapher and engraver

I promise I don’t have a crystal ball...



You are tired of undercharging and feeling undervalued for your beautiful calligraphy work.


Imposter syndrome, self doubt, and lack of confidence all contributes to you being overworked and underpaid


You poured your heart and soul into a stunning product, but it didn’t sell or convert clients. 


You bounce from one idea to the next without a clear direction, turning your biz into a really expensive hobby

SoCal Calligrapher Luxury Engraving Brand Activation
what you will receive

Here’s The Craft Academy Breakdown

Luxury Los Angeles Calligrapher and engraver, ace of spaced engraved Champagne

Brand Identity & Purpose

Find your purpose behind your brand, discover a profitable niche, and utilize it to build a strong following and convert clients. 

This 6 week program is filled with step-by-step tutorials, mindset coaching, and 30+ worksheets to guide you through building a successful and profitable calligraphy business!

Coaching & Accountability

Behind every business woman is a squad of like-minded strong business women who are ready to uplift her! 

You will have direct access to Rosie and the amazing group of fellow entrepreneurs to answer your questions. 

Pointed Pen calligraphy Live calligrapher and engraver Los Angeles on-site brand activation

Social Media & Website

Curate a portfolio your new clients can’t say no to! Learn how to take show shopping photos that new and old clients will love. 

Attract your ideal clients with a beautiful social media presence and website design to continue building new audiences!

Bonuses? Heck Yes!

Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to make them come true!

How does this sound?



Find your niche, build your brand, and charge your full value as an artist!


Create a portfolio, website, and social media that turns followers into clients!


Get your creations in front of local businesses and large brands across the nation!

And the best news for last...

Lifetime access to
The Craft Academy!

Rosie is committed to helping you build a legacy business, and your ultimate success is her purpose. As the creative industry changes, so will the course, and you will have front row seats to all future innovations!

Hi! I'm Rosie.

Meet your new calligraphy business coach! 

I am a Los Angeles based luxury calligrapher and engraver that started her calligraphy journey in 2013 during pharmacy school. Upon graduation, I left with 6 figures of loans and a new passion for lettering. After many business mistakes and confusion about my branding and business models, I found true joy and happiness in calligraphy engraving. After shifting my business, I have created gorgeous and timeless pieces for large brands like Netflix and Neiman Marcus and am on track to paying off my loans 15 years early! 

My goal is to help YOU avoid those mistakes and create a profitable calligraphy business from the start! I will personally teach you how to niche down to build your brand and charge your worth as an artist!

You're in the right place.

OC Calligrapher Engraver Bottle Painter Rosie Chhun

Stop collecting free advice and
get started with your dream.

Here is what our The Craft Academy alumni have to say!

Meet Amanda

“With Rosie’s guidance and the support of my amazing classmates who are fellow calligraphers, I was able to determine the reasons I do calligraphy, the reasons I want to continue to grow my business and my mindset completely shifted. From being more intentional with my time to setting lofty yet attainable goals, my new way of thinking about Letters from Elliott feels different but so positive. I am already reaping the benefits from this shift in mindset and I cannot wait to see what the rest of 2021 holds for me and my business…

In these six short weeks I have not only learned how to grow my business but I gained an incredible mentor in Rosie and ten new friends. If you are a creative who is looking for support in growing your business, I highly recommend The Craft Academy with Rosie. What this course has done for me and how I think about my business is truly incredible and the future is looking bright for Letters from Elliott!

-Amanda, Letters from Elliott

Click here to read about her Craft Academy experience!

The secret to your personal and business growth... mindset!
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Ready to TRIPLE your earnings?

Meet Nicole

“The Craft Academy has given me the confidence, skills and motivation to build my business and to trust the process. Just halfway through the program, my mindset of not only my business but of myself has completely changed! I was able to “correctly” price my calligraphy services to a point where I was making TRIPLE than what I was making before I joined the Craft Academy. 

Going into the program, I thought I needed to learn about pricing, and how to promote my business better, and while that is true; Rosie coaches you way beyond that. She teaches you what you REALLY need to know about starting a small business as any sort of creative. There is truly something different about having a person that you are able to connect with, motivate you, and want nothing but the best for you. Being a member of The Craft Academy has been life-changing, and the best decision I have made for my business. If you truly want to learn how to grow in every aspect of your journey with your creative passion, there is no better investment than this program. I highly recommend Rosie as your business coach if you’re ready to take your passion to the next step!”

-Nicole, Sweet Letters Calligraphy

Meet Michelle

“Silencing the negative committee in my head has been a struggle for me. Thanks to Rosie’s support and guidance, I rocked it at a recent meeting with winery owners! Woohoo!
The tips and suggestions that I learned from The Craft Academy have been amazing and truly beneficial. I also researched my client and the products they offered to the public, so I was engaged and interested in them and vice versa. The biggest takeaway is definitely not to make myself sound desperate, rather to exude confidence and showcase my talents by bringing in samples of my work and rave reviews from past clients. I appeared well rehearsed, concise with my words, professional, and a bonafide engraver and artist. 
Thanks to The Craft Academy, I am taking steps in the right direction and will continue to grow as a small business.”

-Michelle, Be My Belle Designs

Calligraphy Business Coach Rosie Chhun Michelle Ramolete Be My Belle Designs The Craft Academy
Silence your negative committee
and exude confidence!

Scale your calligraphy business with a proven system that works!

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